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Mutual Exchange

Scottish Secure Tenants (SST) and Short Scottish Secure Tenants (SSST) have a legal right under the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 (Section 33) to request to exchange their tenancy with the landlord’s written consent. Tenants can exchange with tenants from:

  • Orkney Housing Association Ltd
  • Other UK housing associations or registered social landlords
  • Other UK councils.

If you have identified a tenant you wish to exchange with, you can apply for a mutual exchange by completing the application form. Please note, we also require an application form from the tenant you wish to exchange with. If the person you wish to exchange with is not a tenant of Orkney Housing Association, you will also have to contact and submit an application to their respective landlord. Landlord consent is required before any exchange can take place.

For further information, please contact your Housing Officer.