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From time to time we ask for your comments and opinions on services you receive from us or the way in which we do things. We value your input and consider your feedback when making decisions that affect you.

For more information, please contact Suzy Boardman, Resident Participation Co-ordinator, by calling 01856 875253, emailing suzy.boardman@ohal.org.uk, or texting 07730 522454.

Current Consultations

Rented Allocations Policy

Due to the Housing (Scotland) Act 2014 there are changes in how social landlords allocate their properties. We have now undertaken a full review in preparation for the implementation of the various parts of the act and, as a result, we are seeking views from applicants, existing tenants and the wider community on how we allocate our rented properties. The changes relate to the following areas:- • Allocations • Taking account of property ownership • Suspensions from receiving an offer of rented housing • Assignations, Subletting & Joint Tenancy and the qualifying periods • Succession • Anti-Social Behaviour and the use of a Short Scottish Secure Tenancy In addition to the legislative changes we have also increased the level of priority for those applicants who live in unsatisfactory housing and also for those who have a medical need.

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Friday 12th May 2017


Tenant feedback is of utmost importance to us here at OHAL. Results from the latest questionnaire on our Rent Review are shown below:

Rent/Occupancy Charges 2017-18 Consultation Tenants
Strongly/Slightly Agree with increase: 64%
Rent/Occupancy Charges 2017-18 Consultation Sharing Owners
Strongly/Slightly Agree with increase: 50%
Rent/Occupancy Charges 2017-18 Consultation
Strongly/Slightly agree to continuing to build : 94%